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​Business 269 Global Research

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​Business 269 Global Research
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OVERVIEW OF ASSIGNMENT: Task is to select between McDonald’s OR Walt Disney (pick one); research your selected corporation and use the guiding questions below to start your research; include other pertinent findings from your research relevant to the “global” aspect of this assignment; proof read your work; check your citations.

  • Research – Fast Food Chain “McDonalds” OR Research-Mass Media/Entertainment Conglomerate “Walt Disney”
  • Business Form – Multinational Corporation OR Business Form – Diversified Multinational Corporation
  • Business Sector – Service Business Sector – Service

The purpose of this research is to have you to explore the multinational corporation “McDonaldsor the diversified multinational corporation “Walt Disney” both are existing service industries in which you will research to learn how it exist globally and how it continues to move towards globalization; and the roles of management in global headquarters. (How does a business go global? What elements have to be in place? What may be marketing managers challenges?)

Consider the guiding questions in the paragraph above to begin your research in order to record your findings

Your findings must be:

  • Detailed,
  • Thoroughly articulated, and
  • Use of citations must be included for all rhetoric borrowed, as well as any photos.
  • Chapter 3: Integrative Managerial Issues should be included with your articulations.

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