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3PL industry in Kazakhstan Name Institution Course Tutor Date CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background information Management practices within the market and supply chains involves various function which include sourcing and supply of raw materials, transportation as well as warehousing among other functions (Storey et al, 2006, p. 754-757). These services and processes involve various players or supportive parties such as the third party logistics providers among others. The 3PL are firms whose role is to provide services to their clients who are customers to these firms in part or wholly (Papadopoulou, nd, p. 5). The on part customers to the 3PL firms rely on them for particular tasks along the chain of supply and distribution such as for transport services, warehouses or value addition at particular stages along the chain (Triose, 2013, para 1 PostNord AB, 2012, para 1-3 ). The customers who rely on the services of these firms wholly are such as those who involves the 3PL firms at all stages such as in outsourcing materials, processing, storage, transportation and such other activities involved within the chain of distribution (Third Party Logistics Directory, 2005-2013, para 1-4 DPD s

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