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4Ps of marketing The 4Ps As stated by Mullin et al., (2007), every marketer is faced with a challenge of presenting the products or services to the customer with the best strategy to maximize on sales and a brand loyalty. As stated by Parkhouse (2001), in the traditional model, the marketer is more concerned with presenting the product in the right way, at the right or best place, at the best price and takes care of what product to present to what market. Therefore, the marketer is greatly concerned about the mode of combining product with positioning, pricing, promotion, and place to achieve his objective (otherwise referred to as 4Ps). By coming up with an effectual marketing strategy, the marketing manager is able to carefully bring together all the 45Ps into a selection of activities that budge a range of customers up the ladder (Parkhouse, 2001). Product The marketer, in regard to the product, must be aware that be it a service or a product that he is endeavouring to sell, he must present the commodity in a way that attracts the targeted customers. As stated by Parkhouse (2001), the marketer must also be aware of the different customer needs in relation to the product. This

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