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You will be dealing with Real People. At Kikis you will actually speak to a live and quite knowledgeable person who will answer al your questions and/or schedule your appointments. The only time you will ever speak to a machine is when we are closed. You will find our prices honest. There are no hidden costs or other gimmicks in our pricing. In fact we even provide other different services including packaging. Always open to communication. One thing you will find out about us is our open policy on communication. We will always be glad to discuss with YOU everything about YOUR requirements before the service. Our Excellent Service Policy. With the best communication in the industry and our dedication to make you a much happier person, you will be given a personalized treatment in such an excellent way that will make you wonder if you are our only customer. At Kikis you will be attended by highly skilled professionals. With our talented and skilled staff, be rest assured that you will get the highest quality service at Kikis. This is based on our extensive training programs our employees get on beauty and health products, techniques, and skills. Access to our expert secrets. When yo

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