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Professor Course Date of Submission Themes and elements in 12 Years of Slavery by Solomon Northup (1855) 12 Years a Slave is narrative by Solomon Northup in 1855. The narrative describes the family of Northup who later get kidnapped and works in cotton plantation, in the Red River County, in Louisiana. Northup father was also enslaved and freed after moving to New York. Northup married a woman of mixed ancestry on Christmas Day and had three children (Solomon 47). Northup was sold into slavery by two men who offered him a travelling musical show. Northup severed many masters that he praised some and condemned others. Northup lived a devastating life in cotton plantation where he faced brutal and cruel masters (Follett 14). After many years of slavery, Northup received help from a Canadian abolitionist who assisted him in tracing his family. An official State report was released for freeing of Northup. Northup filed charges for the kidnappers but died before the end of the trial (Follett 23). The movie 12 Years a Slave is a historical drama that relates with novel 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup. Steven McQueen is the director of the slavery film whose theme is from a true stor

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