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Running head 48 laws of power Name University Course Tutor Date The 48 laws of power is a piercing distillation of many years of history of power (Greene,1998). Some people play with power and loose it all by fatal mistake. Some go too far while others make all the right moves and are able to draw power unto themselves. These laws of power are timeless and definitive. These powers seem to apply everywhere that is in the conquest, self-defense, or being an educated spectator. Among the 48 laws of power there are those that are liked and those that people do not like. Among the liked ones there is the one that states that you should never outshine the master. This law states that you should make those that are above you to always feel comfortably superior. You should not go to extremes when trying to express your talents in order to impress or please people. Things might turn the other way and end up inspiring fear and insecurity. For you to attain the heights of power, you should always make your masters to appear more brilliant than they are. Concealing your intentions is another law that is taken very serious by those who have a desire to attain the heights of power. It state

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