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498 Social Work Public Health Author Institution Introduction Social work and public health have been some of the most crucial sectors as far as the health of the nation is concerned. Social workers are charged with the responsibility of enhancing or improving the lives of the less fortunate as well as easing the challenges that these people face in their lives. It goes without saying that the recent past has seen tremendous changes in these two sectors. This is especially as a result of the introduction of technology, in an effort to improve or enhance the quality and efficiency of service provision in these two sectors. It is worth noting that, as much as quite a lot has changed as far as the introduction or entry of technology is concerned these two sectors are still lagging. In fact, information technology has not been fully incorporated in the public health sector (Tulchinsky Varavikova, 2009). Nevertheless, the fact that various public health facilities have adopted information technology and enhances their efficiency has pushed other facilities to adopt it albeit sparingly. In essence, I envision a future where the provision of public health services will be entirely tied

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