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648 Management for Community and Social Services (Financial Analysis of Not for Profits) Students Name Institution Affiliation Management of community resources and services may at a point require financial accountability that will entirely rely on the use of financial tools to determine the position of firms that operate as Non-profit organizations. This requires a vast focus on financial analysis of the activities that are conducted with an aim of making the bet of the operation. In order toachieve this, it is crucial to use financial tools in the field of sociology during research and analysis of the outcome. Assessment of measurement tool for Reliability and validity Research studies have been used in many occasions to find out more about a scenario or a demanding question that a particular group of people are interested in knowing. This requires a model that will best explain each step that is used to gather such information used for analysis. In order to have these data gathered appropriately, a prior scan on the field is recommended. This is referred to as assessment of the field of study. Assessment there3fore has basic tools that must be employed to ensure the appropriat

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