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The book, 1968 The year that rocked the world, was written by Mark Kurlansky and published by Ballantine books. The book gives an enlightening and entertaining history of 1968.Actually, Mark Kurlanskys book exhibits the cultural life and political history characterized by social upheaval. The aim of the book was to bring out the 1968 social, cultural and political events that shaped the world. 1968 was the year that rocked the world. The year was characterized by the assassination of Bobby Kennedy and Martin lither King, the Chicago convention, Prague spring, anti war movement, the generation gap, the student rebellion that paralyzed France, birth of womens movement, Tet offensive, and the beginning of the collapse of Soviet Union. During this year, the impact of television on global affairs was vivid and greatly influenced the political and cultural aspects of the people. Spontaneous global uprising occurred, with major impacts being felt in London, Prague, Paris, Chicago, Berkeley, and New York. Rock and roll, Drugs and sex defined peoples social lives.Generally, the book, 1968 The year that rocked the world consist of politics, economics, assassinations, youth and music, riots,

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