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2012 Aurora shooting Institution Affiliation Name of Student Abstract Cases of Crime are increasing in the United States even after people have been educated on the social and economic impact of criminal acts. Shooting is experienced almost in every day with the US territories. There shootings are not only done from the perspective of robbery but there could be other issues that drive people into crime acts such as the Aurora Shooting in 2012, on July 20. The Aurora Shooting was a mass shooting that happened in Century Movie Theater, a theater in Aurora, Colorado. It was a horrible scene occurring in the midnight of July 20 during the screening of The Dark Night Rises. The reason behind the shooting is still anonymous and the identity of the suspect was held without being revealed for a long time. Investigation was conducted to establish the reason why a tactically dressed gunman would set off grenades of tear gas and shoot into innocent audience. It would be unreasonable to initiate such a crime with any aim of benefiting from the criminal act. Most of similar criminals would be in a special mission but the idea of attacking an audience without a particular target can be a subje

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