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A Backroom Deal with the Governor article Name University Course Tutor Date A Backroom Deal with the Governor article This essay is from the school of thought that Tesla should be allowed to directly operate stores and consequently sell to the consumers in New Jersey. This is because the various auto dealers have a significant conflict of interest that exists between the promotion of the gasoline cars that constitutes of virtually the whole of their revenue and the electric cars that actually constitutes of none. Furthermore, is not easy for the dealers to sell a new technology car since people are used to the older ones. It is therefore common knowledge that the dealers will simply sell what they find easy to sell which is the old cars making Tesla unable to sell and this could even lead to their bankruptcy as it happened to General Motors and Chrysler in the past. Another issue is that since the dealers make a larger portion of their profit from the servicing of the cars while the electric cars produced by Tesla does not require much service as compared to the gasoline cars. There are no fuel filter or spark plug changes, no oil, no smog checks and tune ups needed for the elect

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