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Introduction Nay et al (2009) article discusses in great detail the person-centred care (PCC) approach but narrows their scope on the applicability of this approach to people with dementia (PWD). The authors use the Lund trial in Sweden as well as the Australian replication in discussing the importance of culture and environment in enhancing quick healing through PCC. The authors also offer a set of recommendations on how PCC can best be applied by organisations in treating PWD. Overall, the authors suggest that the most important thing is not what is done but how it is done that counts towards PCC. PCC from Nay et al Perspective Nay et al gives a brief but comprehensive analysis of the historical perspective of the health care. They argue that the health professional was historically an expert with immense power over the client. The organisation of the health care facilities only reflected health professionals convenience and older patients were generally neglected. Treatment was task-oriented too. The authors therefore want their audience to believe that PCC replaced a rigid and biased task-oriented health care system that neglected the plight of older PWD. PCC is packaged as t

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