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In the book Mildred pierce by James Cain I would give it grade B because it gives a better understanding of development of literature about los angels. in that it portrays the great depression when Mildred and her efforts to build a restaurant business made it vivid the twin pillars of los Angeles life of self possessed free-standing which los angels had more than any other American city. He portrays well the social history of Los Angeles, California and United States which comprised of small population of immigrants to draw for domestic work also these cities were made up of middle class and lower middle class components (Cain 89). In Walter Mosley always outnumbered always out gunned, I would give it a grade A because, He describes Los Angeles in the 1950s turn the city character into novels. In understanding the social history of Los Angeles, South California and United States he shows perfectly how racial and social complexities took place in mid twentieth century, which really affected these cities. He is ample with the transplanted southern culture and how it came about. In Yxta Maya Murray, Locas, I would give it grade E because the book doesnt show clearly the forms of deve

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