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A Book Review of Energy Politics by Brenda Shaffer Name Course Date of Submission Energy Politics by Brenda Shaffer Authored by Brenda Shaffer and published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in the year 2009, the book Energy Politics offers any reader interested in energy and how it affects economies and international relations a lot of valuable information. The book tackles major areas that include international relations, economic policies and their roles in energy trade, public policy and its relation to energy, political science and security as it relates to energy. Shaffer seeks to establish the inseparable link between politics, especially with regard to international politics, and energy. Admittedly, energy forms the basis of almost every activity in todays life. Because of its vitality, having more energy resources becomes a mode of determining richness and security status of a country. Energy wealth is used to establish regional collaborations between states, at the same time it intermittently sparks war between producers and consumers of energy or both groups in occasional instances. In Energy Politics, Shaffer goes out of her way to explore unexplored fields in

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