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Course Name of Tutor Date of Submission A Book Review of Mastering Self-Leadership Empowering Yourself for Personal Excellence Authored by Chris Neck and Charles Manz and published by Pearson Education, Limited, the book Mastering Self-Leadership Empowering Yourself for Personal Excellence presents itself as one of the most powerful guides to self-improvement for the purpose of enhancing ones leadership capabilities. As commented by the authors, this is an offer of an awakening process that begins at an individuals personal level. It presents the true belief that individuals capable of managing themselves in the best way stand better chances in managing others through leadership skills. In sum, it offers a comprehensive collection of tools and skills that truly empower an individual to personal excellence, brilliance, and perfection of leadership at personal and group levels. It is worth noting that Chris and Charles approach the issue of leadership mush objectively. In their approach, they offer real-life and existent examples of ways to apply leadership skills and horn them to produce the best of them. Further, it is adequately considerable that the vast of these samples draw

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