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Course Name of Tutor Date of Submission A Book Review/Report of Triangle The Fire that Changed America by Daveid, Von Drehle Authored by Daveid Von Drehle and published by Grove Press in the year 2004, Triangle The Fire that Changed America offers a recount and reevaluation of one of the deadliest and most damaging fires in the history of New York occurring on the 25th of March 1911. In the setting of its context, Drehle presents the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire an avoidable disaster that probably came because of negligence. In the months and years preceding this fire, Drehle indicates the existence of the belief good life could only be found in America, this was the American dream that saw many wives of the Jewish and Italians migrate to America, only to find out that they had to work for this. At the same time, shirtwaist business was booming, and Triangle was one of the largest producers. Yet the working conditions had been unfavorable, and obsession with controlling theft and workers led the factory owners into ordering that one of the two major exits be locked. Nonetheless, the trial and inquest did not prove all this. Drehle recounts as the fire started on eighth floor

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