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Course Tutor Date of Submission A book Summary of Good to Great Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others DontbyJim Collins Authored by Jim Collins and published by Harper Collins Publishers in the year 2001, the book Good to Great Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Dont probably serves as one of the greatest pieces of writing that give the corporate world a keen look and analyze the interplay of various factors that are contributory to success as well as those that make corporate organizations fail. In 320 pages, Collins presents a precisely organized argument and clearly indicates awareness on the corporate world. The book is organized and presented in an outline of nine chapters and an epilogue. The last four chapters that begin from chapter six, provide the run up of considerations that culminate into considerable business success. Chapter six of the book runs from page 120 to page 144 and is entitled A Culture of Discipline. This chapter draws the line of code of conduct that is expected of business practitioners. To this extent, there are practices that one must commit to and those that various individuals including managers, employees, and business relations

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