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Tutor Course Date A Boy Discovers that a Visitor from Outer Space is living in his House Coming home from summer camp, Kyle found a strange-looking lady seated in the living room with a cup in her hand seeping some tea. With a surprised look in his face and still staring in her direction, the lady was quick to introduce herself. I am the new nanny and I have been waiting for you to arrive the lady said in a hoarse voice. Kyle knew he was old enough to take care of himself, but bringing a nanny was his mothers decision and he know too well that her decisions were incontrovertible. He remembered what happened to him the last time he tried to abrogate her decision. He had to be punished for three weeks by being denied all special privileges including watching television and using the computer except for educational purposes. Kyle greeted the nanny and went straight to him room to rest after the long journey. The nanny followed him there to see if there is anything he needed and may be getting to know Kyle better. This lady looked strange in every kind of way and Kyle wondered why his mother hired her in the first place. The nanny explained that she would be responsible of taking car

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