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Institution Course Tutor Date Introduction A Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is a book that thematically revolves around science fiction and fantasies by the main character, Oscar, which explicitly analyzes the ancestral and/or sance experiences by different character. The relationships in the book depict the social diversion from normalcy which is then followed by fantasies, the need to run away from reality after realization of troubles associated with irresponsibility and meditation on story-telling search for identity, machismo/ masculinity and oppression in the society. The analysis and commentary for the different events characterized by fantasies and the need to fall in love, the repercussions of the decisions the characters make and their sance experiences and practices give the book the society reception as it depicts the lives during Rafael Trujillos rule. The overarching theme is brought out in the book by incorporating both the upfront and the gradual approaches in a bid to illuminate the world that Oscar lives in and the need to create a parallel between the supernatural and the fantasy world lived by majority of the characters. For instance, the explicit development

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