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2-3 page reaction to the information presented in the readings

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2-3 page reaction to the information presented in the readings
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(A) Article Reflection Weekly Papers (10 points each for total of 60 points)
Each week you will be required to read and critically reflect on 2-3 articles from your Positive Psychology reader. Please consult the Course Schedule to determine which articles are required for the week. For these weekly reflections, you are required to write a 2-3 page reaction to the information presented in the readings. Keep in mind, that these reflections are more than mere opinion pieces. You should be critically evaluating the ideas presented and integrating these ideas with evidence and information. You should provide some reflection on all of the required readings for the week. Ideally, each article should contain a 1/2 page-1 full page discussion. Because there are multiple readings each week, please be sure to clearly separate your ideas for each of the articles. In your summary, you must include the following information:

  1. Main points of the articles (please summarize in your own words and do not list!) (3 points)
  2. Your own reaction to the author’s ideas and evidence to support your thoughts (4 points)
    ** evidence means that you should be using APA style in text citations to support yourself throughout your reflection
    ** please minimize the use of direct quotations in your paper (no more than 1)
  3. Grammar/Spelling/APA compliant including reference (3 points)** APA compliance means the following:
    (a) proper APA running head
    (b) page numbers/margins/spacing
    (c) use of in text citations
    (d) reference of the article(s).

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