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2 Case Studies: Operations Management

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2 Case Studies: Operations Management
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I have 2 case studies- Foldrite and Scientific Glass and it needs to be 3 pages double spaced.

Please reference the case studies I have provided.

Case Study Paper Format

● APA format

● No longer than 3 pages – double spaced

● Abstract (check your APA manual on how to do this properly for case studies, not part of the 3 pages)

● Background – no more than 1⁄2 page. Only include pertinent information that has brought the organization to its current situation.

● Issues – Identify the pertinent issues that the organization is facing.

● Analysis – Using analysis tools/concepts from your text or appropriate mathematical calculations; perform the appropriate analysis of the data/situation. (Analysis tools can be placed in an appendix and are not counted in the limit of 3 pages. Only include a summary of the results of the analysis performed in the body of the paper). use Qualitative data analysis tools

● Recommendations – Provide possible recommendations that will resolve the issues identified. Select the best recommendation(s) and support your decision.

● Conclusion

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