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20th December 2008 From Richard Branson Marketing Manager Virgin Airways To Bill Bryce 29 Tea Tree Lane Salisbury Wiltshire, United Kingdom SP2 8JN Dear Mr. Bryce, I am writing on behalf of Virgin Airways Corporation to apologize for the frustration and inconvenience that you experienced with our services during your flight from Mumbai to Heathrow on 7th December 2008. We are very sorry that our in-flight meals that we offered to you during the trip did not meet your taste. The meals that we served you with are popular in Indian culture. In the past, we used to include the meals that we serve in our other routes. However, we decided to specialize on such tastes in our Indian routes after we realized that our customers in those routes preferred them to those that we serve in our other routes. We assure you that your comments regarding the meals that you were served with are of utmost importance to us. Our greatest objective is to provide satisfactory services to our customers and so, your report of a disturbing experience. Thus, we have undertaken incorporate all types of meals that we have on our general menu in all our routes. We hope this step will alleviate occurrences of such

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