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Tutor Course Date A BUSINESS PLAN FOR STARTING A HANDYMAN BUSINESS The Okshan Company Ownership The Okshan Company is a handyman service delivery company that is set to commence its business operation in February next year. This company will operate as a sole proprietorship business entity. Jackson Coal will be the sole owner of the Okshan business firm (Pride, Hughes, Kapoor, 253). Jackson has a 10 year experience in the handyman service production field working as a production manager at Malvern Home Repair Company which is the leading handyman service provision company is the United States of America. Having worked in this company for such a very long time, Jackson has gained more experience, knowledge and skills in the field. Knowing how profitable this industry is, Jackson has decided to start his own company with the aid of his personal savings and family inheritance (Cheal, 392). The Mission Statement for Okshan The mission of Okshan firm is to deliver the best quality handyman services to its customers in its market region. The Objectives of the firm To have a clientele base that is the largest it can ever serve in its sustainable state. Burrow (2008), clearly provid

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