Describe the target audience. Include demographic information…

B. Describe the target audience. Include demographic information…

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B. Describe the target audience. Include demographic information about who buys strawberries, what about it they value, which styles and cultures they might identify with, and most importantly, what their nutrition needs are. Here it is one example:


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Section B The market for blue spirulina has experienced a notable surge in recent years, driven by health-conscious consumers seeking innovative ways to incorporate superfoods into their diets. This vibrant blue pigment, derived from the blue-green algae, is particularly favored by health enthusiasts frequenting smoothie shops, who find it nutritious, vibrant, and particularly Instagram-worthy. Those who shop at stores like Whole Foods and through wellness Online retailers have embraced blue spirulina as a versatile ingredient to enhance their dietary wellness routines and they value its natural origin and sustainability. Customers turn to online platforms for convenience, an extensive range of product options, and the wealth of information available through blogs, reviews, and educational content. They also rely on online communities and expert recommendations to understand the best ways to incorporate blue spirulina into their diets and to unlock its full health potential. GRADER NOTES ° Well-written ° Not a very clear picture of Ad target. Health conscious and digitally connected ° Women have twice the dietary iron needs as men? Woman in ad, but didn’t mention here that they may value iron 

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