provide a summary of the initial substrate (be specific for each…

provide a summary of the initial substrate (be specific for each…

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provide a summary of the initial substrate (be specific for each macronutrient in glycolysis), purpose, mechanisms, and end products

  1. Glycolysis
  2.  TCA Cycle:
  3.  Electron Transport Chain:
  4.  Using information from Chapter 7 and previous chapters, describe WHY carbohydrates are the desired source of energy and sparing protein is important for life and homeostasis. How would you convey this to someone who wants to be healthy and follow a high protein, low carb diet?
  5.   Describe what happens when a friend goes on a strict diet to speed up their metabolism during the first few days. The weight goes down on the scale but what is that weight? If the diet continues after 3 or 4 days, what happens to the metabolism (what energy source is used) and how does the body respond with the amount and type of weight loss?
  6. Why would someone argue, using information about fat metabolism and anabolism, that fats make the body the most fat and that a low-fat diet would be the best way to lose weight? HINT: It’s about metabolism and not just calories per gram.
  7.   Discuss the following: Define Metabolism in relation to energy production and food intake. Define and discuss catabolism and anabolism. What is ATP? Why is it called the energy currency of the cell? Be specific.
  8.  Carnitine has been “sold” as a fat burning supplement. Explain WHY someone might use this information based on fat metabolism. Why is this information incorrect?

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