Discussion Board 3/ Social Problems

Critical Analysis Lab and Discussion Board: Death Row in Texas

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Go to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice web page listing death row inmates:

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Death Row Information (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)

Answer the following questions:

1.   What percent of Texas death row inmates are male and female?

2. Using the inmates date of birth listed and the “Date Received” columns—analyze the age range of death row inmates. Do you see any pattern(s) emerge?

3.  What percent of death row inmates are White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Other?

4.  Drawing from your textbook reading, discuss how the demographics of death row inmates in Texas compare to the overall patterns of arrests and convictions found in the research reported in your textbook (Chapter 7, section 7.1.3)

5. Look through some of the “offender information” links. Choose one inmate to profile.

5a.  Discuss his or her profile.  Search for additional information on their case to see what more you can find out and share.    What made you choose this inmate to discuss?

6.  Your personal thoughts/reactions to the data you analyzed.

Minimum requirements


Initial post:  3-4 paragraphs using complete sentences.  Questions 1-4 can be answered in one paragraph.  Questions 5 and 6 should be  separate paragraphs (or more depending on what you find).  Response to a classmate:  1 full paragraph moving beyond “that’s interesting” or “I chose the same person.”  Elaborate on the findings or concepts from the textbooks.

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