Data structures – response | Computer Science homework help

Please respond to the following discussion with 150 words or more:

When considering computer science then the data structure is considered  to be a data organization as well as storage format which enables  efficient access as well as a modification which would mostly depend on  data structure and meant for building relationships with those as well  as with those of function or operation which would apply to the data.The  data structure role in programming is meant for use to storing the data  in a specific, efficient yet organized manner and some of the use of  data structure would require the array, stack, queue, linked list, tree,  etc, where a programmer could help in selecting specific data structure  and then using it as per their convenience.Some of the basic  applications which are the candidates for the data structure are being  used for implementing the physical forms of the abstract data types  which could help in translating any kind of application like displaying  the relational database as that of the binary tree wherein the  programming language like data structure would be used for organizing  the code as well as information in digital space.The major  advantages of that of Array List over that of an array are while the  real world is taken into consideration and this would be appended  dynamically wherein the ArrayList would not have a defined memory  allocation similar to the normal array while they have been declared  which could be appended with regards to runtime and hence this would  save any un-utilized memory usage by that of the program.One would prefer one with respect to the working mechanism while mostly one would use an array list

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