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This paper must be Qualitative Critique Paper which applies evaluative criteria to the ar qualitative research article that I attached . the paper must follow below instruction: Specific guidelines for the assignment are as follows:

. 1. Critique the article, using the below, Criteria for Evaluating Qualitative Research Articles.

 The content of the paper should answer all of the questions within the criteria. 2. Write a scholarly paper, formatted in APA style, double spaced, 10-12 pitch font, with 1 inch margins. Do not include an abstract. Proper referencing must be used within the paper and in the reference list. Plagiarism guidelines must be followed. The paper is to include a title page, headings, page numbers, references, citations within the paper, and a separate reference page. Correct grammar and spelling are important, as is clarity of writing. Criteria for Evaluating Qualitative Research Articles

1. Clarity and Significance of Phenomenon . Is the phenomenon clearly described? (What is the phenomenon?)

a. Is the phenomenon related to nursing? (How is it related?) b. Is the significance of the topic documented from the literature? (In what way?)

2. Clarity of Purpose . Is the purpose of the study clearly expressed? (What is the purpose?) a. Does the purpose clarify the expected outcome (not findings) of the study? (What is the expected outcome?)

3. Assumptions and Method . Are the researchers perspective, assumptions, and presuppositions identified or implied? (What are they?)

b. Is the qualitative method identified? (What is it?)

c. Is the method adequate to address the research question? (Compare with textbook description of method)

4. Sampling and Subjects . Does the researcher describe how informants were chosen? (Type of sample? How selected?) a. Is the credibility of informants explored? (What criteria would you use to judge that participants are appropriate?) b. Is rationale provided for sample size? (How is sample size usually determined in this method?) c. Were informed consents obtained and participants rights protected? (Procedures described or expected? IRB?)

5. Data Gathering Strategies . Is the use of bracketing discussed? (Cite evidence) a. Is the social role of the researcher described? (Who is the researcher in relation to the participants?) b. Is the data gathering process clearly described? (Ex: gaining access to participants, methods of gathering data, length of time spent, field notes, etc) c. Are the strategies appropriate to the qualitative method used? (Compare with textbook)

6. Data Analysis Strategies . Are the rules used to place data into categories described? (What analysis strategies are used?) a. Are the analysis strategies appropriate to the method used? (Compare with textbook) b. Are the themes, patterns, or categories of common elements justified by data and complete? (Provide evidence, summarize themes) c. Does the researcher address credibility of data, auditability of methods and fittingness of the findings? (Need to label each in paper)

1. Credibility of Data: Do the participants recognize the experience as their own? (Describe procedures used by researcher)

2. Auditability of methods: can the reader follow the researchers reasoning step-by-step through example of data, interpretations and synthesis? (describe the steps or procedures) 3. Fittingness of findings: do the findings ring true to everyday reality, so that findings could be applicable outside the study situation (based on your impression) 7. Findings & Implications . Are the findings of the study explored in relation to the literature? (Describe examples)

b. Do the findings relate to the study purpose and/or answer research questions? (In what way?)

c. Are limitations acknowledged? (What are listed? What do you think?)

d. Are implications for practice based on study findings? (What are listed? What do you think?)

e. Are implications for future research based on study findings? (What are listed? What do you think?)

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