Drivers of Risk in Healthcare


These summary may pertains to the sum of all informations regarding the drivers risk on the following strategic risk, financial risk, operational risk, health and safety risk, hazard risk and information risk.

Strategic Risk Drivers- it is a mean of having loss that might arise from the pursuit of not successful business plan.The organization always takes struggle well with strategic risk.In conversation of the strategic risk organizational development should always be consider in the discussion. This in connection to success that it can only be driven to capability and secondly capability development work. The risk is being assessed in purpose otherwise that the objectives,use of the risk maps is more important rather than using the risk register so it may allow level of interaction and challenge. First to do is a systematic risk analysis it may start with the data presented within the organization, which may help in the more sequential pattern in identifying and prioritizing risk. In health care organization driver risk under strategic risk may then identify on the system of planning to resolve the risk.

If the plan is not so well presented there could be problem on the system wherein the solving of the identified risk lies on to have a more powerful organizational development work. When health care organizationn mada poor business decisions,from the executed decision,from inadequate resource allocation and failure to respond well to improvement in the business ambiance.

Financial Risk Drivers- it is the ability that the shareholders will loose money in an investment in an organization with debt. Cash flow is inadequate to support for the financial obligations.Financial obligations in health care setting takes accountability on finances when there is high portion of debt which indicates a risky investment.It is also about the expenditure to check whether the money of the company have left to keep the business operation running. One example for the healthcare setting the number of staff is just numerous that there will be problem on the cashflow for the salary and the allowances of the employee. Therefore there will befalling to repay salary and wages in timely manner ,therefore task performance will have in effect on the health setting organization.

Operational Risk- Drivers-By definition it is a risk associated with the companies business operation. It does involve different kinds of risks includes fraud which is a dishonet methods to take something valuable from another person it is a deceit or trickery. Legal, and environmental issues on the operation is also included. Hospital set-up fraud is being practice by manipulating personnel inside the organization to practice mis management on finances,and operations. It is the managers who decides to make standard operating procedures or internal controls on employees to follow to work in the business.

Health and safety Risk Drivers-goals for workplace in health and safety is to reduce danger and increase task implementation on health individual in safe and productive workplace. In every country and organization the aim is to reduce work toll by focusing area where the most harm occur. Occupational health plan formation will help to solve the occupational health problems.Combination of skills, knowledge and leadership with action is the first priority.Effective imposition of health and safety in workplace makes the employee happy and productive and also regulate human and business cost -injuries. Any work related injuries or disease can bring unexpected cost and even loss of valued staff member. It plays impact on body,mind, finances and interrelationship of workers in turn and the health of their families. The group of people where in fact health of workers may also be affected. By work related factors. It is an act widely accepted that the ideal workplace is an important area for health campaign, what more accepted is the concept of the health promoting workplace . As well as the family recognize it. The ablity and the connection of a safe workplace may be interconnected through application of health and safety practices the organization may start to think safe. In HCO the following should be considered information is collected about the problem of the organization, the near misses and errors is being encourage to be reported, response is needed in the reported information, the organization should make changes in response to reporting and last is the organization should be flexible in response to safety situations.Determine whetherthe existing precaution are adequate or whether should be done.Information drive should be provided to the staff . Blood borne virus is one that is usually considered as a hazard to health workers as well as prickly needles instances. This is could be very serious problem. Substances may cause hazard in the workplace and may take in any kind such as liquids, solids,gases,mist and fumes.It may affect different areas of the body. They are classified as toxic substances. Healthcare staff are at risk and employer must take the following precaution. Creation of control of substance hazardous to health regulation that may prevent the process and activation of the harm as well as the reduction of the release of the substances to public and staff, take account relevant to the exposure,control exposure and measure appropriate to health risk,adequate control of exposure,check and review regularly elements being used,ensure the ceation and prevention will decrease the overall risk to health and safety.

Hazard Risk Drivers- it could be biological, chemical,mechanical, environmental or physical agent that may in any way will cause harm. These types of hazards could also experience in HCO. Biological hazard came from organism that is foreign,chemical with virtue of its intrinsic property can cause the hazard,mechanical may involve mechanical processes,like motoe vehicles ,and others. Physical hazard is all about naturally occurring processes that has the capacity to create loss or damage. On the other hand hazard and risk oftenly used interchangeably. In relation to the statement stated above risk is the probabiltiy that the exposure to hazard may lead to negative consequence.Risk=Hazard x Dose(Exposure). Therefore a hazard will definitely will have no risk if there is no exposure to the hazard. For environmental hazard it could be both natural and man made hazard or disaster. On a day to day basis, extreme of natural phenomena have threatened humans,such as floods,volcanoes, and tsunami.Man made could be such as threats of terrorism and failures of technology.Mitigation or reduction may include construction of prone facilities away from areas with high risk,redundancy,an emergency reserve fund,to purchase an insurance and the development and creation of operational recovery plans.

In HCO set-up these particular hazard is expected and anticipated just before of the creation of the ceratin organization for such that early planning may entail protection for the site,staff,amd most importantly the HCO clients which are the patients and protection of the business as well.

Information risk Drivers-every business now adays relies on information technology, the following would be the IT threats hardware and software failure,malware,viruses, spam, scams and phishing and human error. Criminal IT threats hackers,fraud,passwords theft,denialof service, security breaches and staff dishonesty. Information technology risk involve not just the negative impact of operation and service delivery which may affect the value of the organization through destruction and reduction of the worth of the organization. That is why the IT risk management is considered as a component of a wider ERM. The organization should use a systematic approach to handle the said problem for identification,assessment and management of information technology risk . If there is risk identified high probability for enabling risk associated to missing opprtunities,may happen.

II. Healthcare Business Areas which are high risk company is the primary concern which account 2 based setting. A high risk industry and risk of financial drop exists. First concentrate on safety and health concern next is for companies viability and profitability. Both may affect companies status in financing,insurance and merchants accounts.The risk should be address immediately and properly so the situation will not escalate. Procedure to undergo for evaluation for inspection and auditing. For staffing shortage, staff with difficult working condition with low wages, so much workload such as overloaded number of patients, numbers of paperworks for documentation and charting of reports and billing purposes Staffing shortage may result to the overall wellness process might be hindered or prolonged,which may lead to dissatisfaction to clients and patients. Next is overcrowding ,too much number of patients in the hospital who needs immediate care, but unable to give proper patient care. Problem in bed spaces, overcrowded area and unsanitation may give more hazard and risk to patients welfare and safety.

III. Potential Impact of different types of risk on the healthcare business organizations objectives.

Financial objectives economic loss will occur if it will not properly handled and presented and understared. Medical objectives it is about the patients safety,quality of care and to provide patients satisfaction they do fall under the category. It emphasized on improving coordination,services, upgrading the value of patient care,and boosting the medical outcome. Management should take place,consideration of potential threat to the organization prepare to the business.Continuity plan to address threats identified,share and ensure employees the expectation in unusual functioning. Plan organization with information and procedures toprotect employee indisaster event. Information drive on emergency procedure. The employees must take all practice step to ensure the safety, both action,or inaction at work may cause harm to other.

INDIVIDUAL SUMMARY PART B Risk Management on the following areas

Employment practice risk management has a veri important effect on employment practices.Best risk management is the proper keeping of the personal records which may give documentation which is important in defending employment claims and have right to review of their own personal file. It is important to maintain performance records for its importance in ability to get lawsuit dismissed or win at trial.Information must be watch out to identify emplyees protection. Documentation must be ensure that it complies with the said requirement.To keep records on separate file for investigation records. Employers must have commitment to risk management ,which may utilize best employment practice,and to reduce wasteful and unnecessary employment litigation and keep premiun on lowest level.

Fraud prevention measures is progressed subtantialy over the past years. The market increase in fraud risk assessment activity.Program focused on refining fraud identification and treatment, continue operation in relation to organized fraud, technical and resource capability ust be develop, work in collaboration with other agency to combat fraud and centralise the fraud analysis capability.Capacity to provide predictive warning of impending threats, includes development of appropriate risk mitigation strategies with key internal and external stakeholders.

Health and Safety policy is a written policy statement which usually comprises of three elements, a statement section, which peratins about how safety should be manage ad the demonstration of organizations committment to health and safety,organization section where responsibilities are given and fit employees to overall safety management. Arrangement section contains details of specific activities and functions that has to be manage. The policy should cover all aspects the organization and must be relevant to employees. Decision has to made how to set up a policy, in small organization simple statement is more suitable for big organization lengthy policy is needed. The aim of the policy must be related to the level of risk,using the risk assessment it will help determine the explicity that is needed in the arrangement section. Reach of the policy is often the case if there is an overarching or corporate policy that may entail general issues. By informing the policy iit may depend on how big the organization is, if it is small each employee should be given a copy of the policy,if it is big notice board is necessary. What important is that the said policy is being brought to the attention of the employees.

Monitoring and review is necessary and must be effective and vital, carrying out of checklist and safety inspectionshould be done so the policy must be effective enough, and also it can be achieve through audits and proper review for management reports and accident investigation.

Protection of Physical assests in any business organization there is need for a balance for physical security and do business effectively at the same time. Since all organization faces risk at all times to determine how much is the risk is very important to help determine the apppropriate balance for the competing demands. Is t is necessary to provide a comprehensive approach to identify,apply, and manage physical security measures to safeguard the asset of the organization. Organization is in command to establish, implement, operate,monitor,review, maintain, and improve physical protection system.A policy which covers for commitment and willingness to lead,develop a physical assets protection establish a complete program that identify,analyze,and evaluate risk to tangible and intangeble assets.People, procedures,technologies and equiptment must be integrted to meet objective of the system, which must be constantly monitor,measure and review.

Disaster management by definition it is the effective organization,which directs and utilize the present counter disaster resources which involves activities such as prevention,preparedness, recovery,mitigation and risk reduction and rehabilitation. To take preventive measures is very important to stop a hazard that it may not cause effect to the organization.Preparedness is also taken to anticipate and ensure proper actuons after the occurrence of the said event. Response is the action taken after tha said event. Recovery is the process whish is taken by the affected area, for restoration , Mitigation and risk reduction are measures which is being taken after the aftermath of the eventtaken prior to disaster impact, and lastly is rehabilitation is actions taken in after event to repair their dwellings,re -establishment of essential services and revive economic ans social activities.

INDIVIDUAL SUMMARY PART C Vulnerability factors,and impacts program approaches to crisis management and healthcare business continuity planninng for the organization on the following

Business Continuity Planning is also called as the business continuity and resiliency planning it may identify exposure of threats with hard and soft assets to give effective prevention and recovery,while still maintains the integrity and value of the organization. In times of adverse physical condition through BCP there is a continuation of the organizations operation. It follows cycle for maintenance, analysis,solution design,implementation and testing and acceptance.It is included in the plan the event that could give negative impact on the organization. If the place is affecte the BCP would be to move to another area which is more safer for the business operation.

The impact and crisis scenario would be its basis from the business recovery plan,to plan for most wide-impact is more preferable. Building loss is best example for impact scenario which encompasses most critical business functions. Localized impact scenario would be like loss of a specific floor of the building which need to be documented.

Threat assessment scenario is defined as each potential threat that may require unique recovery, such as epidemic,earthquake,fire,flood,cyber attack,sabotage,hurricane, utility outage,terrorismand piracy,war,theft,and random failure of mission critical system.

Recovery solution design these may occur after the analysis phase where the technical recovery will follow for the solution phase. Business environments,such as production,distribution and warehouse are the commonly affected.Solution design the most cost effective disaster recovery that qualify on the impact analysis stage.It is a minimum requirement for data. It may determine the solution phase,secondary work areas, telecommunication,data methodology,and physical data requirement.For testing it is a work procedure where the recovery process not usable already,all must be to test as are all work processess for critical functions documented? Is it changed happened on the system for critical functions?is it the documented checklist is accurate and valuable?and last are the documented work process recovered task and may defend the disaster recovery plan pertaining to staff and recovery time objective.

Maintenance and update there are three periodic activities for exercising the BCP cycle maintenance manual. Confirmation of the information must be done,roll out the staff for give them awareness for the specific training for individuals, testing and verify solutions which are technical that is needed for recovery operations,testing and verify the organizations recovery procedures.


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