As presented in this week’s readings, many individuals actually acquire infections as a result of being treated in a hospital. As you know, hospitals are no longer being reimbursed for services required when patients acquire these types of infections.

Medical errors, the spread of infection, and other types of patient safety issues are frequently heard about on the evening news. In a newspaper or lay magazine, locate an article about emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases.

Summarize the article you selected and provide the reference. Then, address the following:

What implications does the article have for BSN nursing practice?
What is the BSN nurse’s role in preventing and managing nosocomial infections?

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.


Reflect on the causes of infectious diseases and methods of transmission. Also consider what you know about preventing infectious diseases, such as measles or H1N1, and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. What health practices do you use, both personally and professionally, to reduce the spread of infections?

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