Participation in Professional Nursing Organizations

Participation in Professional Nursing Organizations



READ the following:

•Chapter 3: Historical Foundations of Professional Nursing

•Chapter 25: Visions for the Future

•List: National/global health organizations (see end of module)
2) WRITE a 1-page paper using the above readings as a resource (see the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for paper requirements [25% of paper grade]) answering the following questions:

a) Identify ONE nurse leader in your community or employment setting. Why did you choose him or her? Summarize his/her accomplishments toward enhancing/contributing to the nursing profession, health care, or the society in which we live. HEADING IN PAPER: Local Nurse Leader

b) What professional nursing organization(s) are you a member of? If you do NOT belong to a professional organization, why not? Based on your discussions with nurses with whom you are acquainted, why do they choose to be involved or not to be involved in professional organizations? HEADING IN PAPER: Participation in Professional Nursing Organizations

c) Go to at least two (2) of the following web sites of national or global health and health-related agencies (i.e., CDC, DHHS, WHO, PAHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNESCO). Do searches on their web sites for “nurses” and “nursing.” How do these agencies include nurses and nursing in their activities? (Examples: features involving nurses, nurse volunteers, recruitment & hiring of nurses, leaders/executives with nursing licenses)HEADING IN PAPER: Nurse Participation in Global Health Organizations

d) Use the above headings in your paper. If you refer to other resources, the intext citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper (including referencing your textbook, if appropriate). See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for APA formatting.

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