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Professor Class Date A career in Financial Risk Management Personal Statement Financial Risk Management has always been my forte. Financial Risk Management at graduate level offers immense opportunities for students. It offers learners a chance to gain computational, mathematical, and statistical skills requisite for maneuvering todays financial needs. This course offers a real chance for the learners to appreciate the dynamics of a rapidly changing business environment. Such skills are valuable when understanding the various risks in the industry, and enable the learner to come up practical skills for navigating the turbulent waters. In addition, being successful in todays business world requires the learner to have a clear understanding of the psychological and managerial issues that have a direct impact on management of business. Many problems and risks bedevil todays business. The environment changes rapidly, and this requires competent staff that can address and remedy the situation as it arises. Financial Risk Management is the right course to address these challenges. I would like to study this course at UCL for a number of reasons. First, this is a public university wit

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