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Nutrition is a very critical notion in peoples lives since it tends to affect every system in their bodies. Apart from that it is likely to alter individuals state of mind. However, society today has placed a lot of concentration on the perfection of the body and this has become a critical issue that now affects todays generations particularly the young adults and adolescents. As much as food is supposed to be considered healthy for everyone it is now being perceived to be harmful. This paper is about eating disorders that have now become rampant in todays societies. This issue is so critical because people are now being diagnosed with eating disorders mainly because they have now become mentally preoccupied with food, how people perceive and think about them as well as their personal appearance. TJ is a 20 year old male that resides with his 17 year old sister and parent. He was involuntarily brought to the New York Presbyterian by his father who met him purging and binging in a parking lot. He was diagnosed to be having bulimia Nervosa a type of eating disorder that is typified by binging large amounts of food within a short period of time this was closely followed by purging

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