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RUNNING HEAD CASE STUDY A Case Study of Virginias Yarn Shop Name Course Tutor 9th April, 2011 A Case Study of Virginias Yarn Shop Virginia s Yarn shop which was started as a home based business from a den by Virginia Reed who was fifty years old and also a married woman after all her three children were already grown up and had moved out was established in October 22, 1986. She established it in the town of Paragould in Arkansas to provide good quality yarn as well as close in the neighborhood where they were easily accessible by her students whom she gave knitting classes and who had to go to either Jonesboro or Memphis to purchase the yarn. She stocked high quality yarn to make sure that the end product of her customers after they knit sweaters or Afghans was of good results. Besides the yarn she was also involved in the provision of knitting and crotchet needles, supplies and also pattern books. One of the major challenges experienced by the shop was the project to expand the town where other competitive stores for example, Wal-Mart were established. This is because they are well established and sell go

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