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Lecturer Course Date A Cheating Spouse According to Christianity, marriage was ordained by God. One of the vows which are taken during wedding ceremonies is fidelity. However, many spouses do not adhere to this vow and instead participate in activities which demonstrate their unfaithfulness. Many marriages have collapsed as a result of unfaithfulness by either of the partners. The number of single families has tremendously increased in the recent past. This paper gives a critical discussion on the effects of infidelity. It does this by agreeing with the assertion that it should be considered to be the main cause of divorce in the contemporary society. Infidelity is an act of a married spouse participating in extramarital sexual affairs with other partners. In such a case, the partner who engages in this act is regarded to have betrayed the other. While many people argue that it is inevitable, sociologists have found out that it is an evil act which is intentionally done without safeguarding the interest of the other partner in marriage. Many researchers have unveiled that many spouses choose to betray their partners without any proper reason. They cannot account for their decisio

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