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A child is any human being below the age of 18 years. Although in some cases children may refer to any human being who has not completed the tertiary school but according to the law age matters because some children finish tertiary education when they are young and others when they are old than age prescribed by the law for a child. The first years in an individuals life are vital in determining health. Its very important when a child is born to be well taken care of by giving the child the right medication. Being healthy is essential if children and young people are to get best out of life and fulfill it in the best way. In order to achieve this, health provisions for children and young people need to be improved. Children in foster care have a disproportionate percentage of health and developmental problems that are often missed or not treated properly. This well-known fact was the impetus for the creation of foster care clinics throughout Connecticut during the early 1990s exclusively dedicated to the health and development of foster children (Monica, 2002). Child health concerns are issues which have negative impact towards the development of a child. Some of the health con

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