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Alternative Responses Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction A Child Protective Service (CPS) is a specialized section of the child safety scheme that places emphasis on families in which children are recognized as victims of or in danger of child abuse or neglect (Lau Morse, 2009). State laws require these CPS to help in preventing maltreatment, abuse or neglect of children. Such agencies play the following roles Taking reports from individuals who believe children have been neglected or maltreated. Finding out if abuse or neglect of children occurred. Ensuring that there is a plan set up to keep children safe Providing services to families to enhance the safety of their children. According to the Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act (CAPTA), child mistreatment and disregard is any current act, or irresponsibility by the parent or custodian which ends up in demise or severe bodily or mental injury, or sexual exploitation, or presents an impending threat of stern injury. Child protective services mainly focus on probable ill-treatment to establish whether children have been or are at danger of being debilitated. These issues are generally administered by legal

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