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A community hospital in the neighborhood that invited me has several challenges concerning their communication network. There are also a number of issues amongst the management team including conflict of interest and superiority within the hospital. The hospital is marred with conflicts that have negative effect on the organization (West, 2012). There are issues of making appropriate pronouncements under unsure circumstances amongst different managers who would habitually bring customary incongruity over the best course of the company’s prospect. Availability of range of diverse minds that continually challenge one another distracts each other and creates tension amongst management.

Most managers regard themselves as rational decision makers, they do not effortlessly accept an opinion from any other person, and they may perhaps deem as personal an attack from their fellows when the colleagues make some remarks. It is hard for most managers to make a distinction between personal differences and opinion peculiarity and maintaining the spirit of working as a team (West, 2012). The need to work as a team is sometimes assumed by managers as personal hostility and discord takes over the teamwork spirit. Inadequate information makes management rely mostly in guesses and baseless assumptions, which does not help the firm. Lack of common goal make some members of the team think that they are in competition thus framing decisions as reactions to threat (West, 2012).

Recently, the organization experienced a major strike due to communication breakdown. Employees demanded for pay rise and the newly appointed managing director (MD), promised to solve the issue by the end of the year after consulting the board of directors (BOD). However, the BOD did not meet and the MD instructed the public relations (PR) office to relay the information to the employees. The PR officer then walked from office to office at lunch break to inform the employees whom most of them had gone for lunch in various places (Griffin & Moorehead, 2014). The PR then promised to return to the various offices after lunchtime but unfortunately tripped on the stairs and had to be hospitalized. The MD had also gone for a meeting with the state’s health department. The employees who were eagerly waiting for the MD’s message got impatient and called for a strike. Although the strike was called off the next day, a few people were injured and most of them threatened to pursue charges on the management.

Several factors affect communication in our organization. Authority structure in the organization is so bureaucratic such that there are a number of procedures to be followed before delivering information. An employee follows very long procedures before booking an appointment with the MD. Most of the computers used are old-fashioned and not support some applications hence making it had to interact (Griffin & Moorehead, 2014). Some of the software used in the hospital do not support the hospital’s operations. Professionalism also plays a major role in influencing the hospital’s communication system. Doctors and other paramedics take themselves to be superior to other non-paramedics claiming that the institution being a health facility is only important for them.

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