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A Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Quality Awards Name ID Number Course Title Article Title Date of Submission Date of Received Feedback A Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Quality Awards Summary The 1980s is when quality as a majority of organizations knew it changed many countries turned to it in order to be the best in the market. As a result, a lot of implementations of quality strategic structures and many measures were taken by organizations to cope up with competition. However, the change was not entirely new since quality award programs were already being continuously implemented in some countries. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was formed in America at that time it objectively provided a model that reflected improvement and understanding of quality management. In 1988, major companies in Europe formed European Quality Award, which was a regional award that involved 16 countries, unlike other awards. Continuous analysis of feedbacks from applicants and constant adjustment made its quality improve (Vokurka, Standing, Brazeal, 2000). And in Australia, Australian Quality Award was formed in 1993. It measures quality performance in seven

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