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Introduction Modernist interior design emphasizes function and tries to provide for specific needs instead of imitating nature. The beginnings of modernism may be attributed to the works of Berthold Luberkin (1901-1990). He was a Russian architect who lived in London and founded a group known as Tecton Architects who applied scientific and analytic methodologies in designing. They created stark buildings that seemed to go against the force of gravity and ran counter to expectations. Postmodern architecture came after the modernist design it combines new ideas with traditional forms. Postmodernist buildings may seem to surprise, startle, or sometimes amuse. Familiar shapes and details are applied in unexpected manners, and buildings may include symbols to delight the viewers or jut to make a statement. Modernism is a thought, practice, or character that describes the modernist movement in the arts, with cultural tendencies rooted in cultural movements, in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, Kate (1996). Modernism is related to the development of the modern industrial society together with the development of cities, including the First World War which was among the principle fact

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