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Introduction Lydia Maria Child and AbigailAdams appear as some of the biggest names in the history of American writing. Although the two are totally different individuals, their writings have had quite an impact on the American society with each being viewed as iconic and with great extents of advocacy. Lydia Maria Child is known for her advocacy for women rights as well as her work in anti-slavery movements. She was a famous writer and an abolitionist, who, together with her husband, were activists channeling their course to ending slavery that was at its peak during their time (Child Karcher, 1997). During her writing career, she was able to write several books for children, a number of people were appreciating the books, and at some point, she was a literary sensation among the people familiar with her work. On a similar ground, AbigailAdams and her works do a lot of advocacy for women. Coincidentally, just like Childs husband supports her course extensively, so does John, the husband of Abigail Adams (, 2013). A review, comparison, and contrast of Abigail Adams (letter to her husband) and Lydia Maria (Child letter XXXIV) reveal quite an amount of similarities

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