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Tutor Course Date A Comparison between Stone by Timothy Findley and Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne Masculinity Concepts According to the Stones by Timothy Findley, a man was bred to become a soldier and nothing less than that. The masculinity identity is an issue that is worth mentioning. The conception of masculinity is manifested in a soldier. The essence of masculinity according to Findley is seen from when in his qualities of leadership and as the protector of the family. The above roles are evidently operative roles to be figurative and literal soldier and not that of the opposite-women. In the story Stones, one of the characters called David experiences psychological problems (43). He has been indoctrinated into war violence, making his definition as masculinity skewed. On the other hand, the Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne (p. 23) gives a different view of masculinity as below. The symbolism shown by the author is very distinct with the difference in masculinity of the characters in the novel. The nature of masculinity is shown in the face of Georgianas. It shows the struggle between science and nature, via his repeated attempts of removal of masculinity. The class

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