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Institution Course Tutor Date Myths Question 1 A Comparison between the Babylonian creation myth, Enuma Elish and the Greek creation myth, Creation of gods and the titans The above creation myths have varied similarities as well as differences. The very first similarity pertains to the fact that both of these are creation myths. They detail the creation of natural things and the influence of different powers in the process of creation. At the beginning, both myths indicate that the earth was devoid of any creature. The creation of the creatures takes place through time in both myths. Then, the gods constituting both myths seem to be related in some way to the natural facet of the earth. For example, there is the god of the sky that is represented by Anu and Zeus, the god of waters represented by Posiden and Tiamat and so forth. The storyline in both myths seems to be the same, only that the details differ considerably. The fathers in the stories are afraid of having to be overthrown by their sons or children. Because of this fear, the fathers devise different plans to get rid of the children in order to secure their status as the most superior. Although the plans in both stories ar

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