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Instructor Course Date A Comparison between the History of Hip Hop and the History of Jazz Hip-Hop History Rap has long been in existence since the last 23 years of the 20th century. The early establishments of rap were pressed on the Viny Sugarhill gang. This was established by the early years of the 1970s where the composition was basically a fashion with a significant trend among the population of the universe. Hip-hop is the definition of rap that is a composition of a large tradition of music, a baggy dress code, break dancing, and the involvement of graffiti (Gates, Louis and McKay Henry 176). The genre also has other traditions of specific language and a life style that has a universal recognition. The definition of hip-hop is traced to the late years of the 20th century and is characterized by the early DJs, who would define hip-hop traditions by the general lifestyle. The early DJs in the industry include DJ Blaze, a legendary figure from South Africa. DJ Blaze is considered the center of the music orientation to other population and general culture of the music classification. The history of hip-hop dates back to 1973 and is said to have originated in the state of New Yor

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