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Instructor Course Date Political science A Comparison of the French Constitutional Reforms with the Proposals to End the Political Gridlock in American Politics Especially Since the 2010 Elections The 5th Republic instituted a number of constitutional reforms in France upon ending the 4th Republican political gridlock. The reforms ranged from a renewal of the party system to victory for feminism where minor parties and women were allowed to contest every elective post. Consequently, women made up 19 of the legislature. Contrastingly, in the US especially after 2010, courts interfered with the democratic process. For instance, the 2010 Supreme Courts ruling on the citizens united, disgraced the political equality that had been enjoyed by Americans for many years. This ruling ensured that independent billionaires and the political clout in Washington had their day at the expense of many disgruntled voters. Politicians could still reach out to corporate organizations for campaign funds. Inequality has a direct impact on the democratic process by placing greater amounts of wealth in the hands of a tiny minority, who can use it to exercise undue influence on who is nominated and elect

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