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Course Tutor Date A comparison of the methods Employed by Iago in the play Othello and those used by Edmund in Lear in pursuit of power Introduction Lust for power, wealth and prestige makes people commit acts that are so inhuman. Led by the craving for recognition and esteem, people have betrayed their masters as they try to overthrow them to gain power. The following discussion will focus on two separate plays that demonstrate the last for power and the cruel means that people use to gain it. It will be comparing methods used by Iago in the play Othello and those used by Edmund in the play Lear to gain power. Discussion Iago happens to be a soldier who has been in the service for many years working for Othello. He also happens to be one of the most trusted people by Othello that whatever he says is believed to be true. As it always is, many of such individuals who have gained total trust of their masters tend to be the ones to turn against them. He has a close friend who is also a colleague with whom he has served as a soldier named Cassio. Iago is not happy about the promotion that is given to him since he perceives it to be unfair and that it is he who deserved it. He however

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