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Every business, whether small or big, must have a business plan in order to be able to achieve the goals that it was established to meet. The plan acts as a guide on the progress of the business in all major aspects of the business. The plan also gives an overview of the business strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifies some of the major competitors and the threats they pose to the business. In the year 1962, two-business men came together to form a firm that would import Japanese shoes. The founder of the firm Bill Bower and Phil Knight at the time labeled it Blue Ribbon Sports. The firm later changed its name to Nike the name, which is famous all around the world. The firm has since then grown to become the number one producers of sports shoes and other sports products (Nike Inc, 2013). Currently, Nike is one of the leading brand names not just in shoes but other sports equipment. The firm products are divided into four categories, equipment, footwear, and apparels. Some of the sports equipment that is produced by Nike includes Nike Golf, Nike, Nike skating boarding, and Nike Pro. Nike products are sold all over the world, thus giving it an edge against its competitors in

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