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Professors name Course Date Concert Report A concert can be defined as a live music performance before an audience. Sometimes it can be by one musician, who is known as a recital or a musical assemble like an orchestra or a musical band. A concert can be held in different sizes of settings. For instance, private houses, concert halls, entertainment centres, among others. One of the main instruments that must be in place for a concert to take place is a professional audio machine or public address system. This paper focuses on personal experience in a concert. In particular, it aims to encourage analytical thinking on music. In addition, the paper presents a personal experience of music. The concert I attended was the first of its kind in my life, it involved a number of top gospel artists known worldwide. The guest performer of the night was Chris Tomlin, a well-known musician He was accompanied by a long list of other performers, who performed on the same stage that night. The names of the performers were Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Marvin Winans, and Marvin Sapp. In addition, there were few choirs, which included The Florida Boys, The Rambos, and The Laura Lee Soul m

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