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A Concise History of the American People Name Professor Institution Course Date Difference in the USs political and social system after the Civil War There has been a great change in the United States of Americas political system after the end of the American Civil War. These differences occur in different parts of the US political system. Presently, the core of the United States of Americas constitutional principle gives a stipulation whereby every branch of the US government that is separate has power that is limiting to the other. For this reason, it is clearly stated that no one separate governmental branch in US can become supreme. This contrasts with the political system that was in the US before the end of the Civil War. Before, the Civil war, the presidency system was the imperial presidency. This is a system where by the president had manifested power to allocate money set for another purpose to his favoured or desired purpose due to his power. Another political part where there has been a great change is financing of the political campaign part. Before the end of the Civil War, the political allies or candidates had to finance their campaigns themselves. After the end

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