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I recently heard this conversation between two individuals. The dialogue depicts scenes in a play. Robert and Erick are in a car garage, they have both taken their cars for servicing. While the cars are being serviced, Roberts happens to be very much interested in cars while Eric is not. ( Robert and Eric sit quietly under the shade, Robert then brakes the long silence) Robert Eric my friend, Whose vehicle do you think runs faster, mine or yours Erick I cannot tell, we have never gone for any speed test. Robert Well, okay, what is the maker of your car Eric My car is a 1988 Honda Accord. Robert That car is a very big it is just a piece of shit Eric That is the only type I could afford. Robert (laughing out loudly) so u agree that it is a piece of shit. Eric Well, even if it is a piece of shit, it works so I have no problem with it. Robert What do you mean works How can you say that a piece of shit works That is hilarious Eric I dont even understand what u means. Long pause. Robert Do you know the Eric Do you know the type of car I drive Robert (Smiling mockingly) A baby Ford, the old and outdated 1999 Ford Mustang Eric But it is still a good car yah Or what do you think Robert Y

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